A Part of God’s Story

written by Seth Williams on January 9, 2014

God is amazing. I could not be more thankful for every breath I get in this life. Kelly and I named our little girl Story nearly one year ago to always remind her that she plays a beautiful and unique role in God’s story. Her name is now showing up in a new way in my life.

God has taken our family from the beaches of Southern California to the knee-deep snow of Wisconsin to a southern music city called Nashville, and now back to our roots in Cincinnati. Moving away from Nashville will bring heartache and tears as we leave behind family and friends that we are crazy about, but we are also exhilarated by this new step in God’s story.

Cincinnati will bring with it closeness to family and a new job for me. I count myself incredibly grateful and honored that Epipheo reached out to me for a Story Lead position (yes, ironic). To get to be a part of the culture and family that is Epipheo is something Kelly and I are super excited about and thankful for. I will be switching my daily focus from designing websites in Photoshop all day long to chatting with people about their services and products, taking their vision to the rest of the team, and making something magical for them in the way of a life-changing video. I can’t wait to start! I’m fired up! About to do a triple backflip off my desk!

Check out the video to get a little taste of what happens within the walls and hearts of Epipheo.

Much love to you all!

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  • Levi Bethune

    I’m so excited to meet you and your family!

    Also, we have a lot of standing desks here, so you may want a spotter during your triple backflip. I’ve got you.

    • Seth Williams

      Levi – I’m really excited to meet you as well! And I’m fired up about the standing desks! I’ve always wanted one…and I’ll be able to get wicked air on my triple backflips. You won the role of my spotter. Thanks for having my back!

  • Matt

    oh my dang — i’m so pumped to have you guys back in Cincy! More so than that — God’s going to do amazing things with and through you at Epipheo — and be prepared for your life to start to drastically change in the coming months. It’s an incredible blessing to be a part of that company, dude. Stoked to be able to see all of it unfold!

    • Seth Williams

      Thanks brother! I could not be more excited and can’t wait to hang with you guys! And I can’t wait to grab a neon hot mocha from you at Red Tree soon! Much love brother!

  • Nicole Ayres

    Seth! Oh man, things are about to get funnnn. I can’t wait to meet Story!!

    • Seth Williams

      AAAHHH! I know! I cannot wait! I’m so excited I could probably take down about 17 Frappenyas right now! Story can’t wait to meet you too!

  • Sean Michael Murphy

    Welcome home!

    • Seth Williams

      Thanks Sean! Hope all is well!

      • Bonnie Sallade Stolarski

        Great video! New job seems like an exciting challenge. God is so good~ proud of you, Seth!!

        • Seth Williams

          Thanks Bonnie! I’m super excited for this new journey! Indeed, God is amazing!